Customs Clearance

In order to facilitate our customers ( Importers / Exporters ).
We are presently proceeding Customs Clearance Services,

  • Import Customs Clearance (Customs Clearance to Bonded Warehouse/Import Duty Payment.)

  • Export Customs Clearance.

  • Ownership transfer (BOI, Duty refund under 19BIS, EPZ and Embassy.)


Benefits from Bonded Warehouse Service at Best Bonded Warehouse (BBW)

Tax privilege:

  • Goods Import thru our general bonded warehouse not need to pay import duty tax until take away.

  • Goods can be stored up to 2 years since imported and extend 1 more year.

  • Full Time customs officers station at BBW. Working from 8:30am – 16:30pm. (Monday – Friday)

  • Royal Thai Customs has used us as principal model for other warehouses.

  • The import cargoes stored in BBW’s Warehouse DO NOT need to pay import duty, excise tax, VAT or any tariffs while storing in the bonded sector.
    This means you can enjoy duty-free inventory in Thailand with BBW’s services, it saves you working capital.
  • The importers would have to pay only when they need to bring out the bonded cargoes for the local consumption.
    This means you can delay import duty, excise tax, VAT as long as you want (3 years maximum). And you’ll pay whenever you need or when you can sell your cargoes out only.
  • The ownership of the bonded cargoes can be transferred. Therefore, the import duty obligation could be transferred to the other parties.
    This means you can sell your products to your customer on “ex-warehouse” and “customs unclear” term.
  • The bonded cargoes can be transferred to another bonded warehouse without any import duties-payment.
    This means you are freely to distribute and inventory your bonded cargoes in the nearest places to your markets on the Duty-free basis. Also, they can be forwarded to EPZ (export processing zone) as well.
  • The bonded cargoes can be exported out of Kingdom without any duties.
    This means you can use exploit Thailand (BBW’s ideal location) to serve as a regional hub for distributing your products to Asian Market or any Duty-free basis.
  • The importer can transfer the ownership of the bonded cargoes to the BOI promoted firm. Therefore, the bonded cargoes can be cleared out with the BOI import duty exempted privilege.
    This means you can use BBW’s premises as the duty-free inventory to serve your BOI promoted customer(s).
  • The cargoes can be forwarded to third party for Ship Use Purpose without paying import duties.
    This means you can sell your products for the Ship Used Purpose without import duties payment as well.
  • The import cargoes can be repacked, sorted, or relabeled before exporting.
    This means you can import cargoes into BBW and repacked them into different packing before selling to a third country market or import two components from two different origins and combine them together before selling to third country. Both are import duty-free.


Information Technology

To suit customers requirements and correspond with customs regulation of Thailand. (comply with bonded system)
For operation efficiency, with attribution controls such as FIFO, LIFO,FEFO, Batch, Lot, Bundle, Cases, Weights, Etc..

( 2004 – 2010 )

To support the future technology, we are developing from time to time.